Digital Dance Studio 2021

Our Digital Dance Studio will enable our students and adults to continue to participate in live classes with our teachers whilst we are unable to operate from our premises.  We hope to be back in the studio soon.  Below are the links to the digital studio timetable (password required which will have been sent via an email) and some tips for you to help with making our Digital Dance Studio successful.

Timetables (password required)

Students (including private lessons)


aDvANCE Programme

Pro Barre

Setting up your At-Home ‘Studio’ 

  • Classes will be designed and structured to account for smaller spaces 
  • There will be lots of prompts offered to ensure that students are maintaining awareness of the space around them 
  • Before class, carve out a space – ideally, the space will be: 
  • At least 2 x 1 m; you should be able to stand and turn with arms outstretched without knocking into anything 
  • On a level surface 
  • Hardwood or similar is best, if on tile or concrete, you may want to put down a yoga mat or rug to cushion the impact 
  • Don’t forget to move valuables/fragile items from your studio 


  • If you’re participating in a ballet class, some ideas for barre: 
    • A chair (place some books on the seat of the chair if it’s light) 
    • Windowsill 
    • Table 
    • Kitchen bench 
  • Other items you might need: 
    • A pair of running shoes if you are on a hard surface for jumps 
    • Don’t forget your ballet shoes! (And/or other required footwear) 
    • Waterbottle 

PBT specific: 

  • We will go over how we will adapt our equipment at the beginning of the first class 
  • Exercises will also be chosen that require less equipment 
  • If you have a swiss ball, pilates balls, and a theraband, amazing! If not, there are lots of possible adaptations.
  • Please gather up the following (or similar items): 
    • Pillows 
    • Smaller, more firm cushions 
    • Toilet paper or paper towel roll (a full one, still in plastic wrap if paper towel), a roll of chux cloths will also work) 
  • A chair, or you can use a couch as a swiss ball substitute 


  • You will need a screen of some kind that you can see clearly: while computers are probably easiest, tablets and phone will work  
  • Plug it in! You don’t want whatever you’re using to die on you partway through class 
  • To access class, click on the provided link when you’re ready to join class (5 minutes before class time), you will be placed in a ‘waiting room’ and your teacher will let you into class when they’re ready to start 
  • Your teacher will mute you and record class (only for your own later use) once you’ve said hello and roll has been taken 

 Adaptations we are making to classes: 

  • Classes will be designed for a smaller space 
  • Lots of prompts regarding safety in the at-home space
  • Breaking down big movements to work on the building blocks: I.e. grands allegro will not be possible for most of us full out, but we can work on the action and strength of the landing leg, battement action for grand jetes… etc. 

 Etiquette for Online Classes 

  • Regular in-studio etiquette does apply in the Digital Studio 
  • Ensure you are ready 5 mins before class, in uniform (as applicable – this includes hair for our main school students!) 
  • Make sure you have anything you would normally bring into the studio with you so you are not leaving class: pointe shoes, water bottle etc 
  • Turn off any notifications or distractions, both on the device you are using for class, and anything else in the room with you 
  • If you have a question, put your hand up, or for our advanced and adult students, use the chat function