aDvANCE Video Requirements

For students that are unable to make the Audition in person we will be accepting audition by video and require the following:

CLASSICAL – 8 to 10 minutes

Barre: 3-5 minutes, on both sides: 

  • Pliés 
  • Battement Tendus 
  • Adagio 
  • Grand Battements 

Centre: 3-5 minutes, both sides: 

  • Adagio 
  • Pirouettes 
  • Petite allegro 
  • Grand allegro 
  • Pointe work – relevéséchappés and retires and Pirouette exercise en pointe (lvl 2 – Ballet only) 

CONTEMPORARY – 8 to 10 minutes

  • Floor work 
  • Plie/torso 
  • Battement/Travel 
  • Swing 

VARIATIONS (Optional) – 3-5 minutes, skirt may be worn: 

  • Classical Variation – Short variation from standard repertoire 
  • Contemporary – Demonstrating repertoire or class-work phrases, which illustrate the applicant’s command of a range of movement that is different from the classical variation 

Video Audition Specifications To submit a valid video audition, ensure your video:

  • Is a clear, good quality audio / visual recording (does not need to be professionally filmed / edited).
  • Is no more than 25 minutes in total length.
  • Contains recently recorded material, filmed as close to the submission date as possible and no more than four months prior.
  • Contains practical demonstration of the material requested in each of the sections above
  • Is saved as a digital file and clearly titled with your full name and the month and year of submission. (eg. Joe Blogs Audition – Oct 2020).
  • Is submitted as a digital link ( YouTube), directly into your audition registration form.

Filming Tips

  • Use a tripod or stand to ensure a clear, stable image.
  • Film in well-lit space, however avoid a bright background behind the dancer.
  • Film from an angle that best compliments the dancer (eg. 45˚angle).
  • Ensure the dancer’s full length is always visible (camera focused at waist height).

Uploading a video to YouTube

Create a free YouTube account or login to your exiting one, then follow the instructions to upload your video.  Choose ‘Unlisted’ when selecting the ‘visibility’ of your video. Copy and paste the URL/link into your registration.