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The programme has been designed to provide students with both classical and contemporary training to assist them to enter their pre-professional/professional training having with a excellent level in both genres.

Classical and pointe – open technique and different methods e.g Vaganova

Repertoire – not just performing but exploring the history of repertoire

Character – open technique and history of

Contemporary – including open technique, improvisation and composition

Pilates – including stretch and strengthening

Yoga – including meditation

We believe this comprehensive programme will prepare young dancers for future success by providing them with the necessary skills, strengths and confidence as they prepare to enter pre-professional training.

The transition into pre-professional/professional training will be smoother having been through these programmes.

Our tutors for both the part time and full time programme will include

Classical  – Laura Saxon Jones, Alina Kulikova, Fiona Hulands.

Contemporary – Gina Andrews,  Kathryn Crawford.

Pilates and Yoga – Gina Andrews, Caroline Tan

They will be supported by our other teachers from EnPointe.

We will also have guest tutors during the year for specialised areas such as Character and Pas de Deux and will incorporate a few surprise guest tutors from over seas.


aDvANCE  Full time  – This programme will run 5 days per week (Sunday to Thursday), approx 25 hours per week and is open to students who are equivalent to RAD Advanced Foundation level and above and 14 years of age.  Optional Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus classes will also be available at a discounted rate.

aDvANCE  Part time (1 day) – This Programme is split into two levels and is available to students at Intermediate Foundation and above

  • Level 1 is open to students equivalent to RAD Intermediate Foundation to Advanced Foundation is approximate 4 hours.
  • Level 2 is open to students equivalent to RAD Advanced Foundation and above and is approximately 6 hours.

Those students who are equivalent to Advanced Foundation will be assessed as to the right level for them

aDvANCE  Part time (2 days) – Immerse into the full time programme 2 days per week (Sunday and Monday or Sunday and Thursday), approx 10 to 12 hours per week and is open to students who are equivalent to RAD Advanced Foundation level and above.

aDvANCE  Specialised  (3 days) – this programme is the same as the 2 day programme with an additional full day in either Contemporary or Classical.

You do not need to be a student at EnPointe to be part of either of these programmes.


The Programme is based on 32 weeks for the year. Acceptance into the programme is for the year and is not on a term by term basis.


Optional Syllabus classes will be available to aDvANCE students at a discounted rate.

Syllabus classes are also available to Part time students, however we are also happy if they continue their syllabus and other classes at their current school.


Full time students where applicable should continue with their academic study through the correspondence school, home schooling or by other arrangements with an academic school – EnPointe will provide supporting letters to any relevant school or organisation.

Part Time students (1 day) will not require anytime off school as the programme will be run on a Sunday.

Part time student (2 days and specialised) will require the student to obtain permission to have the relevant day/days off school – EnPointe will provide supporting letters if required.

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