Adult Ballet Classes

Our Adult Ballet classes are tailored to the specific needs of Adults and we offer a variety of classes at many of levels:

  • Basic Beginners – this is for the Adult that has had no ballet or dance training and gets you ready to move into Beginners level.
  • Beginners – if you have danced  as a child then this would be the class to start at.
  • Beginners plus – if you have danced as a teenager then this is the class for you.
  • Open class – this is for the more advanced adult who perhaps has had a number of years experience at the higher grades.
  • Pointe Class – you are required to be at beginners plus level to under take this class. This will build your strength to enable a safe transition to pointe and/or build on your pointe work strength.
  • Pilates Class – to supplement your ballet training building core strength.


In addition, we offer grade 6 and 7 syllabus Adult classes for those wanting the structure of working towards an exam.  However the exam is optional.

Pilates classes will also be held  in conjunction with some of the Dance to your own Tune classes so if you wish your pre-schooler to attend these classes you can do 1/2 hour pilates at the same time or if you dont have a pre-schooler then you can still attend these classes.

UNIFORM – Ballet shoes are required.  There is no uniform as such – wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.  A black camisole leotard and skirt will be required for exams however this can be discussed with your teacher closer to the time.


Adult Ballet

These class involve ballet movements to music adapted to everyone's own ability and the focus will be on fun whilst toning the body. Something for everyone including pilates.
Adult BalletAttendanceFees*
Basic Beginners - absolutely no experienceOne 60 min lesson per week$165 per term
Beginners - some experience necessaryOne 60 min lesson per week
Beginners plus
-Previous experience necessary.
Grade 6 - syllabus class with optional exam
Grade 7 - syllabus class with optional exam
Open Class - for the more experienced student (intermediate level)
Adult PilatesOne 60 min lesson per week $150 per term in conjunction with an Adult ballet class otherwise $165 per term
Adult Pilates One 30min lesson per week$85 per term in conjunction with an Adult ballet class otherwise $130 per term
Adult Pilates with Child attending Dance to your Tune 30 min lesson$85 per term
Beginners Pointe - must be at Beginners plus ballet level One 30 minute lesson per week$85 per term in conjunction with an Adult ballet class otherwise $130 per term


*Tuition fees are based on a minimum of 32 weeks per year averaging 8 weeks per term, however some terms are longer, but no extra charge is made.  Tuition fees are payable by the first day of each term.

Additional exam/class award lessons may be required prior to the exam/class award and this will be charged for separately along with exam/class award fees.