Exams/Awards 2021

Entries for the RAD assessments have opened and entries will close on July 30th.  You will receive and email shortly in relation to what exam/class award your child is eligible to be entered into.


The assessments will take place during 18th October to 16th November inclusive.  Emails will be issued notifying a  students exact exam day and time towards the end of Term 3.

Whilst it is not compulsory we would highly recommend that the students participate in an assessment as it gives them:

  • goals to work towards,
  • the experience of presenting their work to a third party, and
  • the chance to have their skills formally recognised.

Two different types of RAD assessment is offered, as follows:

  • The Class Award is led by the teacher and assessed by the examiner. This assessment gives a broad indication of the student’s standard.  Students receive an assessment report.
  • The Exam is led and assessed by the examiner, the teacher is not present. Students receive a detailed assessment report with marks out of 100 and a grade.

Grade Students receive a medal and certificate for both types of assessment as long as they attain the required standard. Vocational Students received a certificate.

All students entering a Class Award or Exam must attend all syllabus classes during the term and grade 1 students should attend 2 syllabus classes per week in term 3.

During the second week of the  October school holidays (11th October to 15th October) we run Assessment week which is compulsory for students entered for either the class award or exam regardless of level unless previously arranged with the Academy  This week will consist of five daily classes over the week apart from PPiD and PiD which will only be required to attend 3 daily lessons.

Exam/Class award and Assessment week fees below:

Exam and Class Award fees 2021

Exam and Class Award costs below, including a processing fee and the Assessment week tuition - all fees are inclusive of GST
LevelExam FeeClass Award FeeAssessment Week FeeTotal Fees
Pre-Primary in Dance (PPiD)n/a$84$56Class Award $140
Primary in Dance (PiD)n/a$89$56Class Award $145
Grade 1$123$94$115Exam $239
Class Award $209
Grade 2$126$104$115Exam $241
Class Award $219
Grade 3$138$115$115Exam $253
Class Award $230
Grade 4$147$122$115Exam $262
Class Award $237
Grade 5$156$131$115Exam $271
Class Award $246
Grade 7$166n/ato be advised Exam - $166
Discovering Rep lvl 2$84 per unitn/a$115Exam - 1 Unit $199
Exam - 2 Units $283
Exam - 3 Units $367
Discovering Rep lvl 3$94 per unitn/a$115Exam - 1 Unit $210
Exam - 2 Units $303
Exam - 3 Units $397
Intermediate Foundation$208n/a$130Exam $338
Intermediate$221n/a$130Exam $351
Advanced FoundationRAD member $224
RAD non-member $367
n/a$130RAD member $354
RAD non-member $497
Advanced 1RAD member $227
RAD non-member $370
n/a$130RAD member $357
RAD non-member $500
Advanced 2RAD member $232
RAD non-member $376
n/a$130RAD member $362
RAD non-member $506