Exams/Awards 2017

Entries for the RAD assessments will close at the end of July.  To enter for an assessment please complete the Entry Form

An email will be sent to you at the end of term 3 advising which assessment your child should be entered into. This decision will be based on the student’s knowledge of the syllabus, attendance and progress in class.

The assessments will take place at during the period from the 16th of October to the 13th of November at our studios.  The RAD will advised us later on in the year of the exact dates.

We highly recommend that the students participate in an assessment as it gives them:

  • goals to work towards,
  • the experience of presenting their work to a third party, and
  • the chance to have their skills formally recognised.

We are offering two different types of RAD assessment, as follows:

  • The Class Award is led by the teacher and assessed by the examiner. This assessment gives a broad indication of the student’s standard.  Students receive an assessment report.
  • The Exam is led and assessed by the examiner, the teacher is not present. Students receive a detailed assessment report with marks out of 100 and a grade.

Students receive a medal and certificate for both types of assessment as long as they attain the required standard.

All students entering a Class Award or Exam must attend all syllabus classes during the term and grade 1 students must attend 2 syllabus classes per week in term 3.

In addition we will have Exam week during the second week of the October school holidays (9th to 13th Oct).   This is compulsory for students entered for either the class award or exam.

These classes will be held daily from Monday to Friday in most cases and will range in length from 45 minutes to an hour and a quarter depending on the level the student is studying. There will be an additional charge for these extra classes during the holidays as shown below.

The costs (incl gst) are as follows:

Level                                                     Exam        Class Award      Exam Week (October)

Primary in Dance                                    $90              $75                         $90

Grade 1                                                    $97               $80                         $98

Grade 2                                                    $110             $90                         $98

Grade 3                                                    $121             $99                         $98

Grade 4                                                    $130             $106                       $98

Grade 5                                                    $139             $114                       $98

Grade 6                                                    $144              n/a                         TBA

Grade 8                                                    $154              n/a                         TBA


Intermediate Foundation                     $188              n/a                          $110

Intermediate                                           $199              n/a                         $110

Advanced Foundation                           $202/$337*                                 $110

Advanced 1                                             $205/$340*                                   TBA

Advanced 2                                             $210/$345*                                   TBA


*RAD members/non-members